March Mobility Challenge!

What better way to celebrate March than with a mobility challenge to help your improve as an athlete! Just in time for the Open when we need to be at our best. The goal of this challenge is to help you make a habit of doing daily work on your body. I also want everyone to see the effects that mobility can have on your strength. I’m posting this now so you have time to read through the rules below and pick which mobility test you are going to focus on for March.


Before March 1st
1. Pick a mobility test from the list below. Try to pick one that you are not good at. For example, if you can easily touch your toes pick something else. You may have to try all of the test positions to see which one you really need to work on.

2. Choose a mobilization listed below the mobility test that you chose and do this DAILY. Some options have 2 parts (i.e. foam roll + stretch) so you can alternate or do both daily. If you do the foam roll/lacrosse ball daily make sure you are picking different spots on the muscle so you don’t end up bruised. The prescribed time for stretching is 2min each side every day. If you foam roll/lacrosse ball do at least 2min in one area on each side. Of course you can do more, but that’s the minimum prescribed time. You may keep track of this yourself every day with tally marks if you wish. The part is up to you because only you know if you’re doing it daily.

* If you’re new to mobilizing please be careful and listen to your body. Some of these are meant to feel uncomfortable, but you should always be able to breathe and if you feel numbness/tingling move*

3. Pick one strength movement from the list underneath your chosen mobility test and document how much weight you can lift (1 rep max or any other percentage, just make sure you document i.e. 3-3-3 at 105lbs).

* If you don’t lift heavy weights that’s ok! You can still do the other parts and just take note of how it changes your pain, energy or other type of workout*

** If you have an injury or pain with one of the movement tests, use that as your re-test instead of strength. So if you have pain with the shoulder overhead position, hopefully by the end of March you can re-test and not have pain after mobilizing daily**

4. Please post your decisions either in the comments section below or on my Facebook page! It’s always helpful to have someone keep you accountable and I will gladly be that person:)

Example of what to send me in the comments at the end of this post or on Facebook.
Example of what to send me in the comments at the end of this post or on Facebook.

On April 1st

1. Re-test strength movement (it can just be the next time that movement is programmed at your gym)

2. Re-test the mobility test your chose

3. Share your results, either on the comments below or on my Facebook page!


* Video links for all tests & mobilizations*

1.Overhead Shoulder Test


Lots of options here because this is a big limitation for a lot of people. I find that people jump around too much with the shoulders and may not see results that quickly because of the lack of focus on one area. So try to just do one area.

Foam roll lats + banded lat stretch

Lacrosse ball pec + pec stretch

Barbell triceps + banded tricep stretch

Double lacrosse ball thoracic spine *** If the lacrosse balls are too painful (you must be able to breathe otherwise it’s useless) please buy some yoga tune up balls or try tennis balls.

Strength: press, push press, jerk, snatch, front squat, OH squat

2. Long Sit Test + Toe Touch


I vote this as being the most convenient because you can do the lacrosse ball sitting anywhere. And if you can’t touch your toes there’s a problem if you’re trying to lift heavy weights.

Lacrosse ball hamstring + banded hamstring stretch

Strength: deadlift, squat snatch, squat (back, front or OH)


3. Couch (quad) Test


Simple, yet super effective on those hips

Couch stretch

Strength: squat (back, front or OH), deadlift, squat snatch, squat clean


4. Ankle test


If your foundation isn’t moving well, the rest of your body will follow.

Calf smash + banded ankle

Strength: squat (back, front or OH), squat snatch, squat clean

I’m looking forward to hearing about all of your progress! Happy mobilizing:)

5 thoughts on “March Mobility Challenge!

  1. Hi! I am a physical therapy / personal trainer and LOVE this idea! I am closely associated with a couple CF Box’s in the DC. I would love to implement this into our gym community this March. How do you feel about other’s using this as a template to create their own?! Thanks for your feedback!

    1. Hey Karen, of course! Spread the mobility love:) This is my first time doing something organized like this so I just started with the most basic mobs to get people in the habit of doing daily work. Please let me know how it goes!!

  2. Missy,
    I chose the hamstring as you recommended and doin the long sit test and deadlift. For the long sit test, does it matter how my ankles are positioned? I’m guessing they should be locked at 90 degrees upright…..

    1. Good question Mr. D! Keep the toes pulled up towards your shins and knee straight. If you struggle to stay in this position with a good curve in your low back than you don’t pass the test, or if you can’t get a curve in your low back in the first place. Think of sitting directly on your sit bones (moving your butt muscles out of the way).

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