Prep/recovery for 14.1

As you’ve all seen, the first CrossFit Open workout is:

Complete as many rounds and reps as possible in 10 minutes of:
30 double-unders
75-lb. power snatches, 15 reps


Here are my recommendations to get ready for this workout…

Power Snatch

1. If you have trouble getting your shoulders overhead, spend time working on mobility prior to the workout. Hit your lats, pecs, triceps and thoracic spine. Mobility ideas can be found here, under the shoulder overhead test. Ideally this work should be done a while before you do the workout because right before the workout you should be warming up.

2. It would be good to follow-up 1 with Crossover Symmetry if you have access to it. Get those upper back muscles warm and active so they work FOR you. If you don’t have access to this, try doing some ring rows and getting a lot of bar practice getting your armpits forward .


3. Warm-up those hamstrings so you can get into the 2nd pull position at your shins and get a good pull on the bar from the ground. You want to be able to get into a position at the bottom where your hips are low, hamstring are active, back is flat and chest is up. If you have tight posterior hips/spine, this will limit your ability to get down there and be efficient with the lift. I like doing a banded downward dog.


I also like doing bootstrappers before this lift.

Double Unders

1. Practice during your warm-up! Make sure you’re being efficient with your arms so your arms don’t poop out sooner than they need too.

2. If your ankles/calves feel junky before and you have time, roll them out on the foam roller/kettle bell.

Recovery…..especially if you plan to do it again in a few days!

1. Stretch your calves after… may end up doing a lot of double unders

2. Do some banded hamstring stretches after to help speed recovery

3. Stay active on your day off so that you don’t stiffen up. Go for a walk, gentle swim, etc. Just move and mobilize.

4. Sleep, hydrate, eat well & make sure you down regulate your body after the workout. We get so pumped up and need to learn to slow down in order to lower your heart rate and stress so that you can recover. Use breathing techniques or anything to quiet your body and mind down.

5. Heat can be great for recovery (hot pack, hot shower, hot tub, etc.) as long as there is no acute (24hours up to 2 weeks) injury. Good read here.

6. Recovery supplements or other ideas to help speed recovery. Supplements are not my area of expertise, so make sure you know what you’re taking and what you’re taking it for.

7. If you’re gonna ice, read this first. Ice baths can MAYBE be beneficial within 30min of the workout. Alternating hot/cold baths would be more beneficial that just ice alone in my opinion because you are flushing out the system after a tough workout.

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