Prep/Recovery for 14.2

I hope everyone is happy with their 14.1 scores, and if not have moved on to prepare mentally for 14.2! Once you’ve got the mental preparation, here’s some ideas for how to prepare your body for this workout…

14.2 CrossFit Open Workout (details here)


Overhead Squat – we all know this movement brings out everyone’s cobwebs on flexibility and strength. This isn’t something that can be perfected in a few hours prior to a workout, but there are a few things that can be done to keep you more upright and allow you to be more efficient/safe.

  • For quick mobility fixes I would personally hit the ankle (below) and do this. Magical
  • Ankle mobility: this is your foundation and may be the magic fix to your overhead squat problems!. Try this during your warm-up. If you have time before and you know your calves are tight you can work on those as well (kettle bell calf smash demo here)
  • Banded hip mobility to improve depth. There are a million variations of this, so you may have to play around with a few.
  • Thoracic spine: either double lacrosse ball if you have more time or some quick foam roll extension just to increase movement in the spine.
  • Shoulder overhead position: again there are a million soft tissue areas to tackle for this. You can work your pec, first rib, thoracic spine, rotator cuff, etc. My favorite quick one is using the band (video here) because it works on mobility while also activating the muscles required to keep a stable/armpit forward position at the bottom.
  • I would also do overhead squats with a pvc facing the wall (20-30) to get some active mobility and warm-up, as well as some pass throughs while holding the bottom of a squat. If you want to get really fancy to warm-up those shoulders you can do some pvc overhead squats with a narrow grip on the bar….so fun:)

Chest to bar pull-ups

  • Most of the mobility for this movement will be taken care of above
  • Warm-up the stabilizing shoulder muscles with some inch worms walk outs, front plank, side plank.
  • Jump on the pull-up bar and do some scap pull-ups, along with some kipping progression swings to also warm-up the shoulder stabilizers (hanging from the bar and swinging from hollow-superman-hollow etc.)
  • Here are some videos to help you master the kipping pull-up and butterfly pull-up

Recovery (especially if you plan to do it again in a few days)

Goodluck everyone and more importantly have fun!!! I have to remind myself about the fun part frequently with all the competitiveness going around….

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