Prep/recovery for 14.4

A lot of people predicted a chipper, and here it is! Let’s get you prepped for rowing, toes to bar, wall balls, cleans and muscle-ups. I will be sharing suggestions from Tabata Times which has a group of amazing coaches giving tips for this workout. So check it out on my facebook page Friday morning. They are great for the coaching tips, I’d prefer to focus on getting your mobility and movement right. I’m assuming they will recommend a longer warm-up so your body is ready for all of this madness, so that’s a good place to start.


  • Get on the rower and practice. Get your efficient form, using your legs as much as possible. Some good coaches I’ve worked with recommend legs, trunk, arms…..then arms, trunk legs. Just make sure your pulls are nice and long so you’re not wasting energy in short pulls trying to get there faster.
  • Banded hamstring floss, either this way or this way. You will want your hamstrings open for most of these movements, so whichever way you prefer to open your hips. This will help for the set-up of your cleans too. And for the toes to bar…..the more mobile your hamstrings are the less strain on your spine during the toes to bar and the more efficient you will be.
  • Do some dynamic ankle warm-up either on a wall or one of the racks, front of the foot up and driving your knee in various directions. This will help with your squat depth during wall balls.
  • Speaking of wall balls, mobilize your thoracic spine!! Jump on the foam roller or double lacrosse ball. Facing the wall while squatting with your hands up requires a lot of extension in the spine, so getting it prepared will allow you to be more efficient with these. This will also help with your cleans and muscle ups.
  • For the muscle-ups it’s important to make sure you have good (actually excellent)  internal rotation of your shoulders. With the front of your shoulder back in a good place rather than rolling forward. Try the second banded stretch in the video below:


  • Take some time to bring down your heart rate after this workout. Breathing deeply into your belly. It’s gonna get your heart rate going and in order to recover properly you have to calm your nervous system down.
  • Get some good mobilizing of your hamstrings, quads and shoulders.
  • Sleep, hydrate and eat well!!

Goodluck 🙂

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