Prep/recovery 14.5

It’s the last CrossFit Open workout!! And we’ve got BURPEES and THRUSTERS….. it’s amazing how many people predicted these movements would be chosen. Remember the info below is more mobility/movement prep. I will share strategy and more movement ideas from the big time coaches once they come out on my facebook page.

So think that you can!


  • You must jump over the bar in between each burpee, so I would warm-up you calves by either jumping rope or running. Then get some good rolling on your calves/achilles/bottom of feet with the lacrosse ball or barbell.
  • Open up your chest with the video below to help ensure an easy drop to the ground with your burpees. This dynamic movement will also help open up your thoracic spine which is going to be super important for the thrusters.



  • The stretch above will help open up your thoracic spine, which is essential to stay upright during thrusters. I would also try extending your upper back over a foam roller or double lacrosse ball to tackle the area from a different angle. This will make your thrusters more efficient.
  • Shoulders must be open in the front rack position! My favorite prep for the front rack is a banded stretch in 2 different ways. Either the image below or this video. Try one and then re-test to see if it helps. If not, try the other one. Or do both! If you have extra time before your warm-up you can use the lacrosse ball to unglue the tissue on the back of your shoulder blades because these have to move as well. If you do the double lacrosse ball from above this will also hit this area between your shoulder blades.


  • Open up your hips so you get good squat depth, ideally with a band. This one by Dr. Kelly Starrett is really effective. If you don’t have a box nearby you can just have your foot on the ground, but the box is more effective.
  • Ankles will be important for squat depth as well. You’ve already hit your calves/achilles/feet from above, so just do a few dynamic ankle movements with a band to improve your depth. Especially because you may not want to wear olympic lifting shoes with the jumping. Unless you have a pair that allows a little more give in the sole of the shoe.

Goodluck everyone. It’s the last one, so give it your all and then treat yourself to a massage for some R & R that your body will thank you for!


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