November Challenge – Squat Test

This challenge stems from the 10min squat challenge that Dr. Kelly Starrett started during his first year doing the MobilityWOD videos. The beauty of this test is that it truly tests the health and integrity of your joints, and you can continuously measure your progress by your depth, amount of support needed and how it feels. The test also allows you to get to know your own body so you can start to learn where your restrictions are and work them out.

This is my daily squat, avoiding my left side which will be my focus for the month of November

The benefits of having a pretty squat are numerous, besides that fact that most fitness programs include this basic movement. Activities that we do on a daily basis require squatting. And when your joints are unable to get into a full squat position(ass to ankles as K-Starr calls it) it’s a sign that you are limiting your athletic potential and potentially increasing your risk for injuries. Whether you have current injuries, old injuries, or mobility restrictions limiting your squat…’s time to fix it. I have been struggling getting ass to ankles for quite some time, mainly from a stubborn ankle injury years ago. So I’m excited to see the results from this dedicated work of  assessing and mobilizing.

Calling myself out again for what looks like a full depth squat, but clearly avoiding my left side again
Calling myself out again for what looks like a full depth squat, but clearly avoiding my left side again

The Plan

Every day you will spend 10min in the bottom of your squat…..your squat meaning whatever range you can get to with GOOD positioning. More details of what good positioning is and ways to modify are listed below in the MobilityWOD videos. If you can’t do 10min straight, take breaks as you need by standing up (video below on how to stand up so you don’t wreck your knees) and then get back down so you build up to a total of 10min. As you hang out in your squat, take note of where your body feels restricted. The goal is to find out what’s restricting you and work on it! I will be sharing some ideas of what I work on throughout the month, but if you want more ideas check out my video page and MobilityWOD.

**Make sure you find the place in your squat where you may be uncomfortable and hate it, but don’t have actual pain that leaves your body extremely pissed off after**

Nov. 1 – take a video/photo for baseline 

* see mine below

Nov. 30th – take a video/photo for improvement


*Feel free to get detailed throughout the month and record how you feel and what additional mobility things you work on. Please share anything that helps you!


The first of many beat downs #1

– instruction, modifications

Episode 31 10min Squat Test

– lower back relief, best time to do the test (starts with shoulder stuff but ends with the 10min squat)

10min Squat #3

– progressions, foot position, lumbar curve OK, how to come out of it safely

 10min Squat #4

– butt wink ok here but not in a squat, banded support, pistol work, wide leg stance, work on hip internal rotation

10min Squat #5

– using as a diagnostic tool of what you need to work on, knees forward = tight hip flexion, knees in = tight hip external rotation

10min Squat #6

– more on foot position, achilles off track

10min Squat #7

– buttwink, hip force vs. torque, squatting below 90 degrees, box variation with one leg off for pistol

10min Squat #8

– foot position and knee integrity, ACL injury prevention, jump and land, what’s limiting you from keeping your feet straight

Epic pistol with Carl

– most advanced variation


Goodluck and please let me know below or on Facebook how things go!

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