December Challenge: Visualization why not practice visualizing that you CAN
…so why not practice visualizing that you CAN

I wanted to give all of you an easy challenge for the month of December, with all of the fun holiday activities going on. Well, maybe not easy, but definitely convenient because you can do it wherever you are and at any time of the day!! Visualization can be very powerful, with athletes around the world using it often to help them achieve their goals. The connection of our mind to our body is unbelievably clear. If we have a poor mindset as we set out to reach a certain goal, most likely we will fail. Usually the poor mindset comes from past experiences, or focus on what’s wrong, rather than focusing on what we want and feeling what it feels like to have it. If we continue to focus on the wrong parts (“my squat depth sucks” “I can’t get my kip down” “I hate the way my body looks” “My knee hurts no matter what I do”) these things will just continue to repeat in our experiences. So knock it off. And spend some quality time focusing on what you want and where you want to be.

This pup is visualizing while he also attempts his goal of doing ring-dips like his dad. Gotta love dreamers!
This pup is visualizing while he also attempts his goal of doing ring-dips like his dad. Gotta love dreamers!

The challenge for December is to spend 10min every day visualizing a goal that you have been working towards with your fitness. Here’s what this means:

1. Sit down somewhere comfortably. If you’re into meditation, go ahead and set yourself up for that. If you’re not, just find a position where you can sit without distractions for 10min. You can sit in a chair, or lie on the ground if you promise not to fall asleep! Slouching on a couch does not count as this will not give you a powerful posture to visualize properly (if you haven’t seen this video on body language I highly recommend it).

2. Prepare you body for 1min. Take a minute to settle into your body and focus on your breathing.

3. Visualize your goal. Here are a few examples of goals:

– Learn a muscle-up

– Squat without pain

– Feel good in my body

– Improved endurance

And feel free to branch out in any direction you feel you want to work on. Then, (here’s the most important part) you have to focus the entire time on imagining yourself completing your goal. NOT WHERE YOU ARE NOW AND WHAT’S LIMITING YOU. Forget all the other stuff. Imagine yourself completing your goal, and the more detail you give the more powerful it will be. How does it feel? What is going on around you? What can you smell? This part will get easier and be way more fun as you continue to do the daily work. Here’s an example that I practiced frequently when I was playing soccer:


5. Measurement at the end of December: This will be a little more subjective, depending if your goal was chaining your mindset about your body, or if it’s actually something tangible. Just take note if you feel better? Did you reach your goal? My guess is if you’re not there already, you’re much closer than you were at the start of December:) So DREAM BIG!

The December is a great compliment to the big challenge coming in January! Follow my Facebook page and I’ll keep you updated on details and how to sign-up. It’s gonna be a game changer that elevates your performance in amazing ways!


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