Synergy = collaboration, cooperation.

Exactly the state we want our body to be in, with all parts working together.  The invincible athlete has their body moving well by learning how to prepare, perform and recover for their activity of choice. They have also figured out how to align the other elements of their life so that their body is working FOR them, creating synergy in their body. These additional elements include mind, nutrition and sleep. When these areas are not optimal, the body cannot function optimally. A lot of athletes find themselves getting stuck before they reach their goals, even with all the hard work they put in physically to get there. These aren’t my areas of expertise, but I always address them with my patients/athletes because I know they are crucial to making progress. Through personal experience, helping others and pure excitement about becoming a better human being, I have learned a lot about these topics. Rather than have me ramble about my experiences with these, I’d rather leave you with resources to explore below. Everything below I have personally explored, not just things I’ve heard are helpful. I will add my personal experiences and new findings as I continue to play in my blog.M98_blue


MIND Just like Henry Ford said above, our thoughts control our experiences. This means that in order to be our best we need to stay away from the negative thoughts that crowd our minds on a daily basis and stick to positive thoughts. And in order to stay away from negative thoughts we need to first learn how to control our mind.

  • Yoga – body, mind, spirit and breath! The yoga teacher that helped me a few years ago is Jamie Horgan. She works at a studio in Manhattan Beach, Ca called The Green Yogi, along with some other amazing instructors and they offer online classes here! This Good Morning Yoga Sequence has also helped a lot of my patients get started with a basic yoga routine in the comfort of their home.
  • Meditation. The ultimate way to learn to control your mind. I found a book called Get Some Headspace that helps people bring meditation into the modern day (where meditation has been kept to the yogis and the hippies). As I’ve practice this throughout the years I’ve become more open to quiet seated meditation. Caroline Cory has a great 7minute guided mediation called “connecting to source (found on itunes). Julie Rader also has great guided meditations for free on her website and purchase on itunes.
  • Good reads: PsychologyWOD, You Can Heal Your Life by Louise Hay (good resource for metaphysical causes of injury), Body Mind Mastery – Training for Sport and Life by Dan Millman, Abraham-Hicks Law of Attraction.
  • Good videos: How to Make Stress Your Friend
“Eat the Yolks” by Liz Wolfe NTP

NUTRITION We are what we eat and our body responds accordingly. There are a lot of views on nutrition and what’s considered the best. Here are a few resources that I like, but in the end all that matters is how you feel after you put something in your body. So first you have to learn to pay attention to how you feel (by mastering your mind!)

Check out how your nutrition and adrenal health can affect pelvic position in my interview with Emily Schromm below!

Sleep like a puppy:)

SLEEP A lot of people just go on with their day and blame their poor mood on other things. You will have one heck of a challenge trying to be your best during the day on a poor nights sleep.


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