Visceral Manipulation

This is a cool, personal story I have to share because I feel like many people could relate to it. And it's just fascinating to continuously learn how connected our body really is. Those of you that have been following me for a while know that my passion for visceral (organ) manipulation stems from personal … Continue reading Visceral Manipulation

Global Recovery

The name Invincible comes from the feeling an athlete has at the start of either their game, competition or workout. So the way they want to feel at the start of their task is Invincible, like they can do whatever they need to do, no matter what obstacles they encounter, and they can do it to their … Continue reading Global Recovery

Good Foundation = Good Movement

I am not a contractor. But I know that in order to build a house, or for anything in this world to function properly, the foundation needs to be GOOD. PERFECT. If something is meant to move and conform to different surfaces, such as our foot/ankle when we walk/run, then that is was good means. … Continue reading Good Foundation = Good Movement

Variability in Programming for Tissue Health

The importance of variability in anything we do is not rocket science. Look at runners who only run.......injury over time. And this doesn't just go for running, but any other training that only focuses on one direction, or the same movements over and over again (like some CrossFit programming or Tennis). Our body needs variability … Continue reading Variability in Programming for Tissue Health

A Rounded Low Back: why it’s bad

Most of the time we are told not to round our back, during exercise and bending over throughout the day. We our told that rounding our back is bad beause it can cause injury. And although the spine is meant to bend and move in various ways, there are certain times where te spine should … Continue reading A Rounded Low Back: why it’s bad

Is Your Spine Ready for GHD Sit-ups?

Starting with the TAKE HOME MESSAGE:  awareness of your spine is essential to being a healthy, efficient human being. I’ll explain this later, but please keep this idea in the back of your head while you read on. Here is a question I hear frequently: “My back is smoked every time after GHD sit-ups, what … Continue reading Is Your Spine Ready for GHD Sit-ups?