Visceral Manipulation

This is a cool, personal story I have to share because I feel like many people could relate to it. And it's just fascinating to continuously learn how connected our body really is. Those of you that have been following me for a while know that my passion for visceral (organ) manipulation stems from personal … Continue reading Visceral Manipulation

How Digestion Affects Your Movement

It's true! Movement dysfunction can come from adhesions in your abdomen. I touched on this briefly when I introduced THRIVE, but I want to dive deeper into the idea of digestion today and how adhesions in your abdomen could be limiting some parts of your performance/injury recovery. As far as digestion, I am talking about the food that … Continue reading How Digestion Affects Your Movement

Thrive with Your Mobility (don’t just survive)

I'd like to discuss a topic that I've been compiling info on for a few years now. Let's call it a brief overview, since years of info could takes years of posts to share:) In the last few years I have become extremely passionate about getting my patients and athletes to understand how important their … Continue reading Thrive with Your Mobility (don’t just survive)

Global Recovery

The name Invincible comes from the feeling an athlete has at the start of either their game, competition or workout. So the way they want to feel at the start of their task is Invincible, like they can do whatever they need to do, no matter what obstacles they encounter, and they can do it to their … Continue reading Global Recovery

Couch Stretch (Done Right)

  This stretch is a very very well known stretch among the CrossFit community. Most gyms teach it during their first intro week and it’s definitely a go to stretch for most coaches after the WODs. I’ve been seeing a trend with the set-up of this stretch, which is not allowing athletes to stretch the correct … Continue reading Couch Stretch (Done Right)

Good Foundation = Good Movement

I am not a contractor. But I know that in order to build a house, or for anything in this world to function properly, the foundation needs to be GOOD. PERFECT. If something is meant to move and conform to different surfaces, such as our foot/ankle when we walk/run, then that is was good means. … Continue reading Good Foundation = Good Movement

November Challenge – Squat Test

This challenge stems from the 10min squat challenge that Dr. Kelly Starrett started during his first year doing the MobilityWOD videos. The beauty of this test is that it truly tests the health and integrity of your joints, and you can continuously measure your progress by your depth, amount of support needed and how it … Continue reading November Challenge – Squat Test

October Challenge – Chest TLC

Since October is breast cancer awareness month, the challenge will be to give your chest some TLC (tender love & care) on a daily basis. Whenever you can, let's shoot for 2min of work on each side. And if your chest starts to feel bruised, just do a general chest stretch for 2min each side … Continue reading October Challenge – Chest TLC

Reasons To Modify Your Squat Depth

There's a lot of debate on whether people should squat below parallel. My opinion? Absolutely! But I end up telling athletes frequently that they need to modify the depth of their squat. My reason for this is because even though I believe people should squat below parallel, most people struggle to get below parallel with … Continue reading Reasons To Modify Your Squat Depth