Couch Stretch (Done Right)

  This stretch is a very very well known stretch among the CrossFit community. Most gyms teach it during their first intro week and it’s definitely a go to stretch for most coaches after the WODs. I’ve been seeing a trend with the set-up of this stretch, which is not allowing athletes to stretch the correct … Continue reading Couch Stretch (Done Right)

Muscle Spotlight: Tensor Fascia Latae & IT Band

Muscle spotlight: tensor fascia latae (TFL) & iliotibial (IT) band Location: put your hands on your hips and feel the muscle that is right below the bony part of your hips. This is where the TFL attaches. The muscle is only inches long and it attaches to the IT band which continues down the side … Continue reading Muscle Spotlight: Tensor Fascia Latae & IT Band

Muscle Spotlight: Posterior Tibialis

We've been doing a lot of work on this muscle in my mobility classes, so I think it deserves some spotlight. Working on this muscle helps with ankle mobility, arch activation and pain in the lower leg/foot. Check it out! Muscle in the Spotlight: Posterior Tibialis Location: this muscle originates on the posterior surface of … Continue reading Muscle Spotlight: Posterior Tibialis

Muscle Spotlight: Levator Scapula

  Muscle in the Spotlight: Levator Scaplua Location: this muscle originates from the first 4 cervical vertebrae and inserts onto the top/medial angle of the scapula (shoulder blade) Function: - elevates and rotates the scapula downward - rotates and sidebends neck to the opposite direction   The levator scapula creates movement in the neck and shoulder … Continue reading Muscle Spotlight: Levator Scapula

Muscle Spotlight: Diaphragm

Muscle in the Spotlight: Diaphragm Location: The diaphragm lines the bottom of the ribcage/thoracic cavity, separating it from the abdominal cavity. It has attachments to the lower 6 ribs, xiphoid process (end of sternum) and the upper 3 lumbar vertebrae. It also has connections to the psoas muscle and the quadratus lumborum. Function: This thin … Continue reading Muscle Spotlight: Diaphragm

Learn Yourself Lesson: The Suprapatellar Pouch

If you have one or more of the following this is going to be magical information: knee pain (this is not a substitution for medical advice) difficulty keeping knees out while squatting run a lot jump a lot knees go forward when you squat sitting a lot The suprapatellar pouch and surrounding area is a … Continue reading Learn Yourself Lesson: The Suprapatellar Pouch