Breathe & Stay Tight at the Same Time?!?

Do you find yourself thinking/saying any of the following? What do you mean when you say "keep your midline stable" How the heck do I keep my midline tight and addition to kicking butt in my workout When I try to activate my midline, I feel like I just bear down (like going to … Continue reading Breathe & Stay Tight at the Same Time?!?

The Magic Alpha Ball

The lacrosse ball has been a great alternative to the foam roller to really get into those hard to reach places. But there's still places that are hard to get into.....and that's where the magic alpha ball from Yoga Tune Up comes in! It's larger in size and has a grippy exterior (sometimes describes like … Continue reading The Magic Alpha Ball

Variability in Programming for Tissue Health

The importance of variability in anything we do is not rocket science. Look at runners who only run.......injury over time. And this doesn't just go for running, but any other training that only focuses on one direction, or the same movements over and over again (like some CrossFit programming or Tennis). Our body needs variability … Continue reading Variability in Programming for Tissue Health

Finding Balance Between Mobility & Stability

The Functional Movement Screen (FMS) is a test that I did frequently in California, and am slowly incorporating it in with my work in Denver. You can read more detail about this screen here, but what I like about it is that it gives someone real data based on their mobility, stability, and asymmetrical movements. … Continue reading Finding Balance Between Mobility & Stability

Give Your Wrists a Break

There's been a lot of talk about wrist discomfort so I wanted to bring back a post that I wrote a while back for CrossFit Southbay. The cause for wrist discomfort can include problems at the wrist, but can also stem from the shoulders, neck, thoracic spine, or even your squat!¬† Here are my thoughts … Continue reading Give Your Wrists a Break

Muscle Spotlight: Posterior Tibialis

We've been doing a lot of work on this muscle in my mobility classes, so I think it deserves some spotlight. Working on this muscle helps with ankle mobility, arch activation and pain in the lower leg/foot. Check it out! Muscle in the Spotlight: Posterior Tibialis Location: this muscle originates on the posterior surface of … Continue reading Muscle Spotlight: Posterior Tibialis

The Goal of Banded Mobilizations

Anytime I teach an athlete how to mobilize with a strength band for the first time there's always the question "what's the point of the band?" Here's why......maybe some reasons why the band may not be good for you......and then a few banded mobilizations in case you haven't experienced the magic of the band yet! … Continue reading The Goal of Banded Mobilizations

A Rounded Low Back: why it’s bad

Most of the time we are told not to round our back, during exercise and bending over throughout the day. We our told that rounding our back is bad beause it can cause injury. And although the spine is meant to bend and move in various ways, there are certain times where te spine should … Continue reading A Rounded Low Back: why it’s bad

Muscle Spotlight: Levator Scapula

  Muscle in the Spotlight: Levator Scaplua Location: this muscle originates from the first 4 cervical vertebrae and inserts onto the top/medial angle of the scapula (shoulder blade) Function: - elevates and rotates the scapula downward -¬†rotates and sidebends neck to the opposite direction   The levator scapula creates movement in the neck and shoulder … Continue reading Muscle Spotlight: Levator Scapula