Is CrossFit Sustainable?

I wanted to share an article today that is actually a collaborative piece from myself and other healthcare professionals who write an Ask the Doc column for Tabata Times. The sustainability of CrossFit as a form of exercise is in question frequently and my goal is to make sure we create healthy athletes who can … Continue reading Is CrossFit Sustainable?

Learn Yourself Lesson: The Suprapatellar Pouch

If you have one or more of the following this is going to be magical information: knee pain (this is not a substitution for medical advice) difficulty keeping knees out while squatting run a lot jump a lot knees go forward when you squat sitting a lot The suprapatellar pouch and surrounding area is a … Continue reading Learn Yourself Lesson: The Suprapatellar Pouch

Self-Care is Healthcare

“Self-care is healthcare.” ~ Jill Miller In other words, taking care of ourselves can help replace the need for so much time spent at the doctor. Sounds good right? This phrase is passionately spoken from world-class fitness therapy expert Jill Miller. And I LOVE IT because I truly believe it. Yes we need doctors, physical … Continue reading Self-Care is Healthcare