1. What if I already eat Paleo? What if I don’t eat Paleo? Why should I do this?

Each person will chose a level to follow, based on their current lifestyle

Level 1 – If you currently eat….bread, pasta, cereal, etc.


  • 1/2 cup gluten-free grains/day 
    • i.e. rice, quinoa, etc.
  • products made from gluten-free grains are not acceptable (i.e. brown rice pasta, cereal, etc.)
  • full fat dairy OK

Level 2 – If you currently eat… low fat or fat free dairy products, and are gluten-free (gluten-free explanation here)


  • Full fat dairy only, no low fat or fat free


Level 3 – If you currently eat…a form of the Paleo Diet (Paleo explanation here)

  • No grains, gluten or dairy


2. Why should I do this if I feel fine during workouts & in life?

How’s your sleep? Do you get the mid-afternoon slump? Do you crave sugar? Do you have mood swings? Are you at a plateau with your workouts? Are you really sore often? Are you injured or sick often?

There are many components to “feeling good” and a lot people aren’t aware of how they feel throughout their day. So this challenge will increase your overall body awareness.

3. Will I lose weight?

The goal of this is not to be a weight loss challenge, we want to help you cultivate healthy habits. But weight loss could be a result of cleaning up your diet.

4. I’m worried about losing weight? How will I make gains?!?!

We will have modifications for people looking to maintain or gain weight. The weekly feedback will also help make sure you’re on track so that you can continue towards your goals. Gains can still be made!! And gains come natural when your diet and lifestyle are dialed in!!

5. I don’t eat a lot of sweets, why should I do this?

Sugar is often hidden, so most people are surprised to learn how much sugar they actually eat.

  • beverages
  • crackers
  • sauces

6. Will this make me more ripped?

Sugar slows the ability to build muscle, maybe even stopping it completely. So YES!

7. What about alcohol?

No alcohol….it’s only 21 days people! And if personal events come up during the 21 days……try to do the best you can! We have a point system to determine winners, with bonus point options to make up for lost points.



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