Visceral Manipulation


The ability for our viscera (abdominal organs) to move is an integral part of a healthy moving body, in addition to our ability to absorb and use the nutrients we feed our body. Although nutrition is not my expertise, I am highly involved in my patients’ nutrition through gut mobility and referrals to nutrition specialists because it is imperative to anyone looking to move well and heal from injury.


What is visceral manipulation? Check out this video


I usually blend the visceral manipulation in with my normal treatment, but wanted to also offer this service to those making nutrition changes….because you can’t heal your nutrition without movement! General movement & gut movement.

Pricing and scheduling are the same as my movement evaluation & treatment.

Please check out upcoming gut health related workshops & events here.

Nutrition specialists I work with….each has their own unique approach to nutrition so check them all out and see who may blend well with your goals & lifestyle.

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