Invincible Workshops

This is a group workshop educating people how to use different tools to prepare for their workouts, move better, improve posture, prevent injury and relieve pain. I have also been doing workshops with local health professionals like Stephanie Morish, Emily Schromm & Clara Wisner. Each workshop has a specific topic, and is guaranteed to leave you with applicable, life changing information:)

Upcoming schedule and sign-ups below. If you’d like to schedule something at your location, please contact Dr. Missy at





Past workshops…
Gut Health
Squat Efficiency
Pelvic Sorcery
Invincible Shoulder Series
– Position
– Activation & Movement
– Stability
THRIVE – Your Guts: How visceral health is integral to your wellbeing
Tackling the Overhead Squat Position
 If you need more convincing to come hang out and learn with me…..check out these videos(courtesy of CrossFit Vantage)



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