Movement Evaluation & Treatment

1-hour New Patient Exam $150

Individualized based on your needs:

– Athletic movement evaluation (to enhance performance and/or prevent injury)

– Individualized mobility/stability program

– Injury or post-surgical evaluation

– Exercise modifications during injury recovery

– Return to CrossFit following injury/surgery to reduce injury risk

1-hour Follow-up $125

30 min Follow-up $70

** Skype treatments also available for same pricing above**

**Packages available at discounted prices, created after the new patient exam**


Treatment may include any/all of the following

– Soft tissue mobilization (therapeutic massage or instrument assisted soft tissue mobilization by a Graston certified doctor of physical therapy).

– Joint mobilization to improve healing, movement, strength and mobility

– Athletic movement progression

– Mobility/stability plan progression

Rock Tape for injury recovery, pain reduction and movement enhancement

visceral manipulation to enhance overall movement and reduce chronic pain


Frequency of appointments

The average number of appointments range from 3-4. My approach varies from traditional physical therapy, where you are usually seen twice a week for multiple weeks. I usually see people once every few weeks/months, unless they request more frequent visits, in order to empower athletes with a self-care routine.

Insurance Reimbursement

Upon request, you may be given a detailed receipt describing charges and other details to send into your insurance if you wish to try for reimbursement. If you want to know reimbursement prior to our session, please call you insurance company and ask for out-of-network physical therapy benefits and deductible information.

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