Non-Toxic Wellness

Oiling the world with DoTerra!


I was on a mission 2 years ago to find something natural to recommend to patients to replace icing daily or taking medications for pain. I researched A LOT of different oil companies, and DoTerra was not only the purest but also the company that seemed to give back to the communities where they get their oils from. So I became a wellness advocate and have enjoyed oiling the world!

My patients LOVE the oils and how they help their rehab/recovery for exercise. And I have learned even more about how to add these fabulous oils into my daily routine, replacing things that weren’t as pure (face lotion, cleanser, etc.). So now I educate my patients and others on the benefits of a natural lifestyle using essential oils the safe way. What to get in on it??

  1. If you live in Denver we have many educational classes that would be awesome to get to so you can learn more about them. I also recorded one of my classes on my Invincible Facebook page here just check out the post pinned to the top of the page.
  2. You can check out the company/products and purchase the oils on my website here. Contact me for more info on how to not pay retail prices and get 25% off 310.528.6407
  3. Read more about my love for oils here and here.