Breathe & Stay Tight at the Same Time?!?

Do you find yourself thinking/saying any of the following? What do you mean when you say "keep your midline stable" How the heck do I keep my midline tight and addition to kicking butt in my workout When I try to activate my midline, I feel like I just bear down (like going to … Continue reading Breathe & Stay Tight at the Same Time?!?

Muscle Spotlight: Diaphragm

Muscle in the Spotlight: Diaphragm Location: The diaphragm lines the bottom of the ribcage/thoracic cavity, separating it from the abdominal cavity. It has attachments to the lower 6 ribs, xiphoid process (end of sternum) and the upper 3 lumbar vertebrae. It also has connections to the psoas muscle and the quadratus lumborum. Function: This thin … Continue reading Muscle Spotlight: Diaphragm

Self-Care is Healthcare

“Self-care is healthcare.” ~ Jill Miller In other words, taking care of ourselves can help replace the need for so much time spent at the doctor. Sounds good right? This phrase is passionately spoken from world-class fitness therapy expert Jill Miller. And I LOVE IT because I truly believe it. Yes we need doctors, physical … Continue reading Self-Care is Healthcare