Couch Stretch (Done Right)

  This stretch is a very very well known stretch among the CrossFit community. Most gyms teach it during their first intro week and it’s definitely a go to stretch for most coaches after the WODs. I’ve been seeing a trend with the set-up of this stretch, which is not allowing athletes to stretch the correct … Continue reading Couch Stretch (Done Right)

Good Foundation = Good Movement

I am not a contractor. But I know that in order to build a house, or for anything in this world to function properly, the foundation needs to be GOOD. PERFECT. If something is meant to move and conform to different surfaces, such as our foot/ankle when we walk/run, then that is was good means. … Continue reading Good Foundation = Good Movement

A Rounded Low Back: why it’s bad

Most of the time we are told not to round our back, during exercise and bending over throughout the day. We our told that rounding our back is bad beause it can cause injury. And although the spine is meant to bend and move in various ways, there are certain times where te spine should … Continue reading A Rounded Low Back: why it’s bad

Prep/recovery for 14.3

Workout 14.3 8 minute AMRAP: 10 deadlifts, 135 / 95 lb. 15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch 15 deadlifts, 185 / 135 lb. 15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch 20 deadlifts, 225 / 155 lb. 15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch 25 deadlifts, 275 / 185 lb. 15 box jumps, 24 / 20 inch 30 deadlifts, 315 … Continue reading Prep/recovery for 14.3