I came to Dr. Missy with pretty bad knee pain. It wasn’t debilitating but I thought it would eventually lead to that. No single instant or movement cause my pain, but it developed over the course of a year from overuse, poor movement, and limited mobility while still trying to PR squats, snatches, and cleans. Once I started adjusting my CrossFit schedule, I decided it was time to see someone about the knee.

I knew I went to the right person when Dr. Missy started by watching the way I moved instead of rehabbing based on my symptoms. We did some tissue work, discovered the root cause of the pain, my ankle, and then went right into movement correction and a “homework” plan. After that, my recovery was in my own hands, which is empowering because you have no one else to blame but yourself if you don’t start feeling better. And Missy totally understood that not CrossFitting was not an option, so we set realistic weekly mobility goals and a few temporary movement restrictions.
I don’t think I would be lifting or moving like I do now without her help. Yes, I had to go back for a couple more sessions, but it all helped fine tune the mobility that was working and take out what wasn’t helping. About a year after I thought CF wasn’t going to work, I am hitting new PRs on all my lifts with next to zero pain. I stuck to my mobility plan and feel so much better for it. Thanks Dr. Missy!
– Karl Johnson, coach @ CrossFit Colfax

She is the Mobility Jesus! Missy excels at helping her athletes work through any aches and pains that are holding them back.  She is very knowledgeable and is able to diagnose and treat tight muscles and joints with a vast array of mobility and flexibility exercises.  Everyone I know who has worked with her comes away feeling much better.  Plus, she is a lot of fun to work with!
– David Sudduth, athlete @ CrossFit Vantage

I’ve been working with Missy through her Base Camp classes at CF Vantage. It’s been incredibly helpful for me. I’ve been learning better movement patterns to ease my shoulder/neck pain, general stiffness in my thoracic and QL tightness. The class and Missy’s keen eyes have helped me focus on and develop all those little muscles that I need for more overall balance. I’m happy to say today I did HSPUS without the normal pain in my shoulder. Yay! Missy is highly skilled, especially in all the aches and pains of Crossfit, plus she’s fun to work with. Thanks!!
– Karen Rylander, Go Primal by Karen

From my first encounter with Missy, I knew right away her passion and drive to help athletes succeed in all of their goals. She mixes commitment and education to drive the importance of mobility in any active person’s day to day routine. If I’ve learned anything from Missy, it’s that good music, a cute dog named Ayni and humor can make you forget the pain. But don’t quit breathing. Missy has been a key person in my introduction to the CrossFit community and as I move forward, I’ll remember to be Invincible.
– Keeley Michener, athlete @ CrossFit Colfax 

I was never someone who took too much time mobilizing. I would stretch for 10-15 minutes but never really understood what I was doing it was more so just a habit when I first got to the gym. When my gym (CrossFit South Denver) added a mobility class into the week I figured I would try it out and see what a whole hour of mobilizing would feel like. It was frustrating, painful, weird, long, and made me realize how inefficient I have been moving. Before and after everything we did we tested/ retested a specific movement to see if you could see any benefits. I couldn’t believe the results! After my first class I knew I was going to come back again and knew how beneficial it was to put mobilization in my day to day routine. Missy is very good at individualizing the class to benefit everyone that is there, she is always willing to listen and help, and has a wide range of knowledge. I have liked the class so much that I’ve made her my personal PT which I see every other week. If you want to know how good it feels to move the way your body was always intended to, I wouldn’t recommend anyone else.
– Dan Bullock, coach @ CrossFit South Denver 

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